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The future of baby textiles

With the development of the society and the change of the trend, the consumer groups disperse and gather again, and the field of textile and clothing also faces new opportunities and challenges. Should we choose a large and dispersed diversified development strategy to surround and occupy the market, or use the “small and fine” extreme to explore the new “blue sea”?

In the textile industry, which mainly focuses on fashionable clothing fabrics for men and women, with the improvement of consumption level, ethnic, personalized and high-end subdivided products are changing people’s inherent impression of Chinese textile products. Among them, infant textiles are promoted by the policy and conservation groups. With its characteristics of high quality, high standards and high value, infant textiles have become a new force of innovation and high-end development in the textile industry.

In order to better explore the baby exploration and practice in the field of textile in the high-end segment, we must start from popular infant textiles, which discuss the baby and highlight the characteristics of textile fabrics, and how to go to see the future from the view of innovation, to explore in the spirit of craftsman to promote textile way of transformation and upgrading, in order to better explore and practice the infant textile fabrics.

The activity of children and the healthy lifestyle advocated are driving the growing market for infant textiles with a focus on design and leisure awareness.

Especially under the premise of paying attention to safety and environmental protection, sports and leisure fabrics should not only achieve the appearance of the gloss and softness of the cloth, but also have a certain degree of fashion straightness, and have higher requirements for wear resistance and anti-pilling. Infant textile should take four seasons as the main line, spring and summer mainly to highlight is the sports wear resistance, pure cotton absorbency, mosquito antibacterial and anti-mite and other characteristics, autumn and winter products to do not drop hair, no static electricity, and do not fade and other characteristics. We must carry out some innovations from the perspective of the baby mother, and in the development of each infant textile product, in the production of each infant textile, we must treat every production detail strictly, adhere to the bottom line of quality, so that safety, comfort and health accompany the healthy growth of every child.

Infant textile fabrics threshold is very high, the quality of some of the more competitive the mass fabrics, and fabrics for professional high, in addition, the constant temperature textiles skin temperature is very good for children, which can make the effective regulation to the outside temperature, through the constant temperature of modified nylon blend, can achieve the effect of hot and cold just right, reduce child in the game running and quiet leisure when temperature difference, avoid child catch a cold. Through the application of high-tech materials, the use of special manufacturing technology, break the traditional textile concept, improve the practicality and functionality of products, to bring more convenience and quality of life.

Post time: Jun-14-2020