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What is color textile?

What is color textile? The cotton is dyed and then spun into yarn and woven into cloth, which is called color textile. Many varieties of woollen cloth are dyed first, spun into yarn and then woven, such as parsley, whipmy, tweed, etc. In recent years, with the development of China’s chemical industry, a lot of color textiles have been added to the cotton cloth, such as polyester and viscose fiber or cotton blend, natural fiber and man-made fiber blend, colored spinning Vanilloid, color spinning thin fancy suede, color spinning parsley, etc. This kind of fabric is characterized by uniform color, not easy to fade, the appearance and feel are similar to worsted woolen cloth, so more named after wool fabric.

The bleached, mixed and printed cambric used in cotton are not made of hemp, nor are hemp fibers mixed into the cotton. It is made of fine yarn with tight ream as warp and weft. The warp yarns are arranged with single and double spacing. Some of the double yarns are juxtaposed and overlapped. When woven into cloth, the cloth surface presents uneven and uneven fine lines, similar to the surface image of linen. After bleaching, mercerizing, fiber shrinkage, texture smooth, similar to the style of linen, so called cambric.

There are two kinds of cambric: ordinary cambric and complex cambric:

1. Ordinary blister yarn is generally used as summer clothing material. It requires a firm texture and good appearance. Because of the more weft and warp points, it can not only ensure the fastness of the fabric, but also make the fabric have better permeability than plain cloth. In addition, there are also a few using one upper three lower latitudinal flat tissue.

2. Complex cambric includes warp cambric, wicker cambric and variable cambric. Warp cambric is made of warp yarns of different counts. In the arrangement of the warp yarns, one warp and two parallel warp intervals are interwoven with the weft to make the stripes of the cloth more clear and prominent.

Post time: Jun-14-2020