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Heimtextil 2023 — Hebei Textiles

As one of the most international and representative conferences in the home textile industry, The Frankfurt International Home Textile Exhibition provides business opportunities for global enterprises to reach the worldwide home textile market!

In 2023, The Frankfurt International Home Textile Exhibition was held as scheduled. With the theme of “Textile Materials”, this exhibition was divided into four areas: “Make and Remake”, “Sustainability”, “From the Earth” and “Natural Engineering”. We hope to discover superior, more Environment-friendly and greater potential for textiles with you.

Hebei Textiles, as an experienced foreign trade enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the textile industry for decades in China, has a strong grasp of the trends and concepts of the development of the global textile industry. This time, we brought new green and environment-friendly textile technologies and new products related to the concept of “Sustainability & Recycling” to the exhibition, which perfectly fit the theme.


Hebei Textiles not only brought home textiles made of natural materials such as linen and hemp, but we also brought related theme baby and bathroom products, which showed our talent for developing household products from different perspectives. And we brought our unique experiences and opportunities to the visiting customers.


At this exhibition, we met with many new and old customers. We contributed to the exhibition’s theme and presented our products. And we also provided new ideas and concepts for the future development of our industry.


Post time: Jan-13-2023